Working As Uber Driver: Cost and Earned Income

Uber, an application-based on-demand transportation from San Francisco, is a controversial but increasingly popular phenomenon.

Starting from the vision of two of its founders who want instant access to transportation in hand, Uber – often also called Uber taxi or Uber taxi – allows anyone who has a car to be a personal driver and pick up passengers like a taxi.

Thanks to Uber’s aggressive expansion over the past seven years, the service can now be used in more than 66 countries and 300 cities worldwide. Its existence in Jakarta began to be known two years ago, then spread to other big cities such as Bandung, Denpasar, and Surabaya.

With increasing consumer demand, Uber increasingly incentive to attract new people to become a driver Uber (Uber driver). Then, how profitable does Uber work for?
Uber Driver’s Potential Income

From students, former motorcycle taxi drivers, businessmen, to sports coaches, Uber drivers come from different educational and social backgrounds.

Iwan Zainuri is one of those people who decided to work full-time as a Uber driver after feeling comfortable with his work rhythm. This 30-year-old man had worked as an ojek driver online for a year, until he heard about Uber. He also decided to install a car LCGC Daihatsu Ayla and become Uber driver.

“If I drive the motor I do not strong wind. I love working at Uber because it is more tired and more selective passengers, “he said.

Although only counted a week to join in Uber, Iwan is fluent driving a car thanks to GPS guides. Every day, he admitted to getting about 7-8 passengers.

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