What to Put Into the Diaper Bag for Baby Who Eats Solid Food

YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel BackpackAn older infant is most likely ready to eat soft foods so parents should have an extra load in the diaper bag while travelling. This age can be tricky for travelling if you don’t know what to bring inside your diaper bag. If you want to make sure your baby gets enough to eat and gets everything he needs, check out the following list. It contains all things you need to put in the bag once your baby eats solid food.

  • Jar of Food

Of course a jar of food should be added inside the bag so whenever the baby wants to eat, you already prepared it. Providing the food in a jar is easier because you can open and close it whenever you want. Bring enough supply for the whole travel.

  • Spoon

Your baby may need a tool to enjoy their food, so you may prepare a spoon for your baby. For some types of food, spoon will be helpful for your baby. It is the best way to get sterile spoon anytime you need it.

  • Bib

This thing is very important for your baby who eats solid food. They tend to mess their clothes while enjoying the food. Choose bib that can be cleaned easily and used repeatedly. It prevents you from the need of heavy cleaning and bringing a lot of extra clothes.

  • Sippy Cup of Water, Milk, or Juice

After enjoying their food, they will crave for the drink. You may prepare the sippy cup of water, milk, or juice. Why is it a sippy cup? As we know, older infant is the transformation from newborn baby so they still enjoy drinking from sippy cup. An extra bottle for refill will be nice too.

  • Disposable Placements for Public Surfaces

As parents, you will not let your baby enjoy their food without providing a laying place, right? So, bring the disposable placements whenever you go.

Basically, you need to bring the drink and eating supply for your baby. Bringing the eating utensils as well is highly recommended. Choose a diaper bag with appropriate compartments for them all.

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