What is DPI and PPI

What is DPI and PPI

What DPI and PPI? Talking about “DPI” always makes a lot of confusion, especially among those who come for the first time on photography. Let’s see to understand, in detail, what they mean DPI and PPI, what are the main differences and what they are.

What does the abbreviation DPI?

DPI means dots per inch (dots per inch). Note that the DPI specifies a report instead of an absolute value. It is the number of points which are in one inch in which the word “point” is equal to the word “pixels”. However, the term DPI is more suitable when it comes to a printer http://smilesmultimedia.com. In fact, indicates the “release point”, that is to say, the definition of the press, and determine the number of dots per inch (the higher the DPI, the higher the quality of the printed image).

With the help of the experience of the photographer Jeff Spirer, we can make a practical example to DPI and to make better define PPI: Some scanners require the DPI setting. The DPI has to scan because you translate something from inches to pixels. In this case, the DPI in the largest size possible. For example, if you want to scan 35mm film at the maximum resolution of 4000dpi scanner (or 4000 DPI), you get an image that is 4000 × 6000 pixels (4000 × 1 “and 4000 × 1.5”). After the image is scanned, the first institution DPI is no longer important to the time of printing.
What is the difference between PPI and DPI?

Talking of the display and pixel density, the term should be used is the PPI. And along the lines of intellectual property rights, the PPI tells how many pixels exist for each inch.De PPI, then the relationship between the pixels and the thumbs of the diagonal of the scherm.Wat if we needed images in PPI? To the press that DPI or PPI is irrelevant. What we need is to know how many pixels are needed for both screen and print.

For the screen, the DPI setting is irrelevant. It can be set to 1 or 1 million and the displayed image is exactly the same. If you repeatedly in the statement hit a Save Image by using different values ??of DPI will see that there will be no difference between various rescue operations.

People often think that the screenshots of 72ppi should be: this is wrong. It is a myth that must be dispelled and generated just because of defaults swlwl different cameras in traffic or editing software: the effective resolution of the screen is not a dominant factor, because we are still looking at all in pixels .

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