US Embassy Releases 8 Facts about General Gatot’s Ban to America

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi met with US Ambassador Joseph Robert Donovan in Jakarta at 8:30 am this morning. Their meeting again discussed the issue related to the ban of TNI Commander Gatot Nurmantyo to the US some time ago.

Retno said yesterday the United States embassy has issued a release. In the release there are 8 elements that are delivered, the first is the fact of a flight delay for General Gatot to the United States.

“The second they say the factor is the administrative error, the third, the error is straightened out, the fourth, now there is no flight ban,” said Retno.

Retno added the fifth element, they welcomed General Gatot when he was about to travel to the United States. They regret, regret and apologize for this inconvenience, the seventh, they promise this kind of thing will not happen again. And the eighth, US commitment to cooperation made with Indonesia.

“This is a mistake, it is our fault, we are sorry and apologize, and repeat that it is over and will not happen again,” said Retno, who mimicked the statement of the US ambassador.

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