Prior Considerations before Buying Women’s Western Boots

Having in mind to buy a pair of women’s western boots? If it’s your first time, this wonderful cowboy boots will be a great addition to any wardrobe and outfit. So what details should you consider and check before and during choosing and purchasing your boots?


General perception is that most of cowboy and cowgirl boots are made from regular cowhide leather. However, there are actually plenty different leather types for making women’s western boots. You may choose between suede, alligator skin, snake skin, ostrich, or even lizard or elephant skin for more exotic look. For animal lover, an option of faux leather is available.

Toe Shape

Variety of toe shapes are classic toe shape or tapered toe which have smaller shape at the tip; pointed toe or needle pointed toe which are in sharp point or blunted toe; rounded toe which is the most comfortable shape highly ideal for walking or fashion boots; square toe which is very practical and mostly used for working boots; and broad square toe which is perfect for longer time of wearing.


All cowboy and cowgirl boots have heel. Women’s western boots usually have a higher heel than the minimum height of ¾ of an inch, in which fashion boots will be at least 2 inches or more.

Boot Construction

Most of modern boots are created of layers in different types of materials. However, the best boots are constructed of all leather. For your first women’s western boots, more especially in high quality constructions, you can check that even the sole is made of soft leather. Next, you have to make sure the stitch is tight and straight crafted because it can prevent any buckle. Also, you have to look at whether the boots have some space around the calf or not. This will related to room for your feet to breathe inside.

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