Police Arrange Mother as Suspect for Her Son’s Murder

Police finally set M, as a suspect case of violence that led to the death of Dwi Anggraini, a grade 2 junior high school student in Palangkaraya. M is the biological mother of Dwi.

Palangkaraya Police Criminal Unit, AKP Ismanto said the suspect’s determination was based on the testimony from witnesses and the autopsy result from the doctor forensic of Doris Sylvanus Palangkaraya Hospital.

“The victim’s mother, whose initials M, has been proven to be violent of her daughter, by beating some parts of the body, and strangling her neck, until her daughter is killed. We will also continue to ask witness statements to be able to develop this case, whether there will be involvement of other parties in this case of child abuse “, he said on Wednesday (25/10/2017).

According to Ismanto, M has undergone psychiatric examination by psychiatrist. The result is the condition of the victim’s mother in good health. So the police can develop a case of Dwi’s death by conducting an examination of M.

While the results of an autopsy conducted by Denis Sylvanus Hospital Forensic Doctor Team, received by Satreskrim Palangkaraya Police, stated that there were bruises on some parts of Dwi Anggraini’s body. Then there are also quite serious injuries, on the neck of the victim, the result of strangulation, which causes the victim died.

For the purpose of investigation, M was detained in the cell of detention of Palangkaraya Police. Suspects are punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

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