Nose Women’s Torn Due Plastic Surgery

Mean heart wants to grow beautiful with plastic operating on the nose, it turns out this is a decision which is fatal. The side of this woman’s nose was split by mistake plastic surgery procedures.

This woman’s name is Rita Nugent. He is one of those women who have disabilities in the nose after having plastic surgery. The failed plastic surgery has made the former split fairly machete is not beautiful on the nose. Plastic surgery occurred after Rita had plastic surgery handled Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba.

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Handled Doctor Troubled

Rita interested in having plastic surgery clinics intended for offering half-price discount. After 6 months of undergoing plastic surgery to fund approximately £ 2,200 or nearly USD 45 million, a new nose Rita experienced a serious problem. Sadly, it won court considers Dr Olufemi and Rita damaged nose as a risk to be borne by the patient.

Terrible side effects of plastic surgery not only on Rita. Another case that dragged Dr Olufemi was a patient who had problems in the breast after plastic surgery. He experienced a strange shape of the breast and the nipple is too high. In fact, he just asked to wear the proper support bra.

It Is a Nightmare

With the shape of the nose is split like this, Rita said that this incident was a nightmare or a horror movie.

“I have a seam across the middle of the nose. I felt severe pain and felt a terrible thing in the back of the mouth and feels unwell,” said Rita. “The surgeon assured that I just need time to heal.” he continued.

In fact, Rita condition is not getting better. He even realized that the tip of her nose was badly damaged. The damage must be repaired and done on other doctors. Even so, Rita nose could not recover 100 percent of normal.

This story is quite painful, when there is a failure and harmful plastic surgery patients, even patients who have to bear the consequences. Therefore ladies, make sure you consider re if you want to perform any surgical procedure. Make sure you are treated by the skilled and reliable.

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