Nobody Wants Looks Old, Granny Age 83 Years no Plastic Surgery

Although no longer young, does not mean to seem old. Perhaps that is the principle held by this grandmother. In age is 83 years, this grandmother still want to look young and willing to spend money to do plastic surgery.

Nobody Wants Looks Old, Granny Age 83 Years no Plastic Surgery
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Chen Yuxia (83 years) are willing to spend more than USD 50 million in order to stay looking young. Singaporean grandmother is a need for 6 bottles dermal filler to be injected into her cheeks, in order to lift the sagging cheeks and eliminate frown lines in the face to look younger.

Although there was a little old lady to rejuvenate the skin, but it is rare to see Chen as old grandmother who would do plastic surgery to look younger.

Beauty specialist, Dr Tan Dequan who cared for Chen says he is the oldest customer he had ever seen. Last month, Chen came to the clinic at the request of his daughter, Zheng Xue Lian.

Zheng said his mother had planned to go to a beauty clinic for laser treatment when she realizes that her cheeks looked slack and asked him to go along to the consultation.

“It is not uncommon for my mother when cheeks, sagging at his age. But I think because there is this technology (to lift the cheeks sagging), I wanted to let him experience it,” said Zheng Xue Lian, told Shin Min Daily News , as reported asiaOne.

Chen said the procedure was cozy-comfortable, even mengibaratkannya like an ant bite. He was very happy and surprised to see satisfactory results.

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