More Lights Are Better Than One

More Lights Are Better Than One

A sequence of lights of different shapes, seats with adjustable heights, can help the translation of space, but also assume decorative and aesthetic values, generating movement and a rich texture of light beams, perfectly integrated with respect to the light coming from the primary sources.

The multiplication of points of light is functional to give relief and adequate lighting at different points of its rooms, coming where a brighter light is used at certain times and for special needs. In the case, for example, of the work surfaces and cooking on the kitchen, or the bathroom mirror, it is useful to use oriented lights.

But not only. More light points also serve to define the environment in spatial terms, leading through the light to a definition of different areas, without having to resort to physical separations. Chandeliers and floor lamps, swiveling headlights and spotlights, enable to combine and separate defined portions of an environment.

The objective is to reach a well-balanced lighting environment, in which the artificial lights and the natural one are integrated in an organic and fluid, to create harmonic spaces, in which all activities can take place at best, in the way more functional and comfortable as possible.

So we just have to see together because more light points are better than one. Follow us.


To identify different areas

The multiplication of the light points allows to identify with clarity different areas within the same environment, without having to resort to elements of structural separation. As we see in the draft StudioDonizelli, in fact, are the lights to emphasize different areas of space while maintaining the unit.

The spotlights, chandeliers and floor lamp in fact are capable of holding together the kitchen and the living room creating an open and airy ambience, where natural and artificial light contributes significantly to cohesion and organicity of space.

targeted lights

Adjustable and targeted lights allow you to create bright islands within the space, giving prominence to specific surfaces. As we see, the lights located inside the hood go specifically to illuminate the cooking surface area and of the work programs, integrating with discretion rather than natural, and the central chandelier.

Decorate with light

Not only the multiplication of the light points is a means to effectively define the spaces, but also to decorate it in a natural way, bringing highlight the desired structures, but also enhancing and exalting the use of different colors and shades.

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