Modern Minimalist House Design 2017

Modern minimalist house design is currently being loved by many people. The design is simple but able to provide a luxurious modern value is able to attract the hearts of many people especially with the affordable cost to make more and more minimalist home fans. But this time in addition to the modern and luxurious impression that you can create in a minimalist home gives the impression of beautiful and cool also has started many ogled by many circles. Beautiful impression, cool that blends with nature is created by giving the accent of the garden in the minimalist home.

Providing a garden accent in a modern minimalist home that in fact a house with a size that is not too broad it is a case that is easy-going hard but it does not mean impossible. You can create a garden with a small size of course tailored to the availability of land you have. You can build a garden in front of the house, behind, side even in the house according to what you want. The most important of the development of a garden is the selection of plants as well as a neat layout so that the garden will be more beautiful.Modern Minimalist House Design

To park outside the home like in the front yard, side or back of your house can use grass plants that can give the impression of a beautiful and beautiful ground outside your modern minimalist home concept. You can also give a touch of herbaceous plants such as bonsai or bamboo ornamental so that your garden looks more beautiful. You can give a small garden chair accents in your garden so it will be perfect for you to enjoy the cool natural atmosphere accompanied by warm tea in the morning or evening. It is suitable to remove the tired after a variety of drab activities. Or if the size of the land is not sufficient to put a lawn chair you can mensiasatinya by changing the wall separator using glass so you can enjoy the atmosphere of your home garden from within the house.

No land outside your home can create a garden in your modern minimalist home design. Of course, in designing the garden in the house should be more careful than designing the garden outside the house because the hygiene and lighting factors become the most important thing in the design of this park. You can use the concept of a hanging garden where plants are planted in pots stuck to the wall or you can also build a pond garden inside your house. You can choose dried plants such as bamboo or bonsai ornament so it will not contaminate your home. For lighting you can replace the existing tile above the garden by using a glass or transparent plastic tiles so that sunlight can directly enter the existing plants in the house so that in addition to the comfort you get with the concept of a modern minimalist home with a garden are also aspects of health that will You get because the house with adequate lighting is very good for health.

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