Leopard Gecko Information

Lizard lovers all over the world are attracted to leopard geckos, not just for their warm and inviting persona, but also for their ease of care. World wide they are becoming more and more popular. Even not so experience handlers soon found the joy and happiness that comes from caring for the leopard gecko lizard.

Leopard geckos are originally from the Middle East countries like India, part of Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Grown up leopard geckos can easily grow to be 8in to 12in in lengths and can weight 70 to over 100 grams while in cage. Little leopard geckos are 3in and about 3 grams when it comes to weight. They are terrestrial that means they fancy land over anything else. They are very active at night time which means they sleep mostly during daytime. They can be alive for up to 20 with suitable care from the owners.

To keep them happy and healthy a few more things are needed from their owners. They shed their skin on a regular basis. In order to accomplish this, the owners must have a humid habitat to facilitate the change the process of shedding their skins. Owners must have a shed box for their lizards. A shed box is basically a box so they can hide with moist sphagnum moss. This accomplishes the goal of making the shedding process easier for the leopard geckos.

A nice and healthy diet is essential as the lizard grow. Leopard geckos store any extra fat they have inside their tails. This maintains them in times of need. If your leopard gecko has a fat tail it usually means they are healthy. A light and a heat source must be supplied, as they play a big role in providing them with the proper heat for them to balance their temperature. The set up should be a warm end and a cool end which will permit good body temperature regulation.

Of all the nice feature of the leopard gecko are their vivid different colors that are available to buyers. There are some unique and amazing colors to choose from: The carrot-tail, red stripe, tremper albino, bell albina, las vegas abino, line bred snow, patternless, eclipse, aptor, raptor and reverse stripe these are just a few of the many different kind. There are many breeders around the world who have effectively morphs them together to create the many diverse kind of the leopard geckos. Their unique appearance and markings make it easy appreciate the reason why the leopard geckos are one of the magnificent of all the lizard species.

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