How to Treat Blood Pimple on Face Naturally

Blood filled pimple is disturbing, making your appearance no longer interesting. Well, do not be surprised if many skin care products to get rid of acne. In the beauty salon, acne remover products are always in demand. Unfortunately, excessive use will make the acne worse and it will irritate the skin.

If you intend to deal with stubborn acne, let’s see the simple tips below. Guaranteed acne will blur.

How to Treat Blood Pimple on Face Naturally

Choosing the Right Cosmetic

No need to be tempted by advertisements. Everyone has different skin types. Not always suitable for others will suit you. Choose according to your skin type, no need to comply with the prestige of buying expensive cosmetics because it wants to look cool but it actually endangers your skin.

Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables

One of the safe tips to avoid blood pimple is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables contain essential nutrients for the skin, thus helping the skin stay healthy and free of acne.

Use Natural Mask

In addition to using the right cosmetics, you can also use a natural mask one of them is a coffee mask. Just add the coffee powder with warm water. Apply on cleansed face. Let stand for one hour, then rinse thoroughly. Do it 3 times a week, then stubborn acne went away.

Routine Cleaning Face

Do not be lazy to clean the face of the makeup. All day wearing makeup makes the facial pores closed and hard to breathe. Then regular cleaning of the face can help you avoid the problem of acne.

Honey with Warm Water

All certainly know if honey is very good for health and beauty. One of the benefits of honey is that it can eliminate the problem of stubborn acne. Simply take one teaspoon of honey, mix with warm water. Apply on a pimply face. Perform routine before bed, then the acne was lost.

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