How to Play Football in Order to Become a Reliable Player

Let today we discussed how to play good football and correct. Playing football is actually easy, but to be a professional you need to do a lot of practice and continue to exercise, as is done by Criatiano Ronaldo, who became a great player because of his persistence preformance world practice. O..iya I distinguish two great players in football, one because he was gifted from birth, and only because of hard training. You belong to a type which is it? You alone know.

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Tips Play Soccer Players Biar So Reliable

Tips to play football sakan I share free of charge or free. I hope you also imitate what I do but if you are not a reliable football players do not easily discouraged yes, then you need more time for this.

1. Learn Rules Football
Maybe this is all theory or knowlegde that you can wake up so you fully understand what can and what can not be done in football. Its study can be found in my article about the regulations issued by FIFA’s football . By studying the rules of the game clearly you have an important point how you can defend yourself when feel aggrieved in the game or avoid getting a card because you can consider before committing the offense.

2. Master the Basic Techniques Play Soccer
Once you have knowledge about football, you can perform basic engineering practice. The basic technique is the foundation techniques of playing, you can practice how to do dribbling, passing, heading etc. To learn more, I encourage you to read the article on the basic techniques of the game of football.

3. Exercise Routine
routine exercise is an effective way to play football. Whatever is done routinely make it easier to master. You can perform a basic technical training you have learned previously. To improve the quality of your self you can follow the next tips that join with SSB / association football

4. Join School Football / SSB
Following SSB you will have the opportunity show your skills and hone bolamu how to play football. Should follow the SSB since childhood, but if you’ve already participated only big football team unity. Why do I suggest to join the union of soccer / SSB? the answer is in the fifth tips

5. Following the match / competition
if you only learn on their own, it’s unlikely you can gain knowledge from others out there. With the competition, you can measure your ability in football, measuring the contribution of your team. well what if not join the SSB? yes just try to compete in the villages, not much different from that important anyway try to measure your ability to play as a team. Once you managed to become part of a team, you definitely will get another chance like promotions, invited friends join the team, etc.

6. Locate the position of the Pas Playing Make You
Well this section you yourself are better know, if I may suggest you can ask the coach to put the position that you prefer and contribute from the position given by the trainer. Then how do who do not know the ideal position? You can ask the coach to let you play in any position, of course, this is done at the time of exercise, for example on Monday asked positioned gelangdang, striker Tuesday, Wednesday became a defender, duh every day of training, hehehe

7. Find References
How to play football with the teaser you can also watch a tutorial on Youtube, there are many tutorials there, like how to do the trick past your opponent, how to deal with the opponent and still many others.

Well that’s how to be a footballer nice, if you do not have the talent of birth means you have more time to be spent in football practice, do not need to blame the talent, because I think if you have a passion for the field was definitely deh you can master it. This is my way of playing football, how the way you do?

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