How to Have a Beautiful Life in a Mad Dash Society

When you go out, examine the people around you. Do not they seem like they’re in a hurry to get someplace? A lot of people are chronically busy now. They all have the compulsion to be successful as quickly as possible. And to accomplish this, they figure they have to compress five decades of work into a single, simply moving five times quicker! So they rush — developing a hard-nosed advantage, sacrificing personal time and relationships, to get as much done as they can. But despite their earnest and wholehearted attempt to become successful, they frequently waste their effort because they shed their sense of direction — focusing on the trees, but neglecting to notice the woods — they wind up running in circles. If you do not sometimes stop running and look up at the stars, how are you going to know which way is North? (Don’t tell me you own a compass.) In real terms, this means you’ve got to set some time every day to stop and reflect.

  • What do I value in life?
  • Has what I’ve done now brought me closer to my life’s goal?
    How do I get from where I am, to where I want to be?

Yes, these questions ask you to feel deep; do a little soul-searching. But while you have the answers, your mind will probably be evident. It is like driving a vehicle using a clean windscreen… you can see where you are going! I suggest you wash your windscreen every night by taking time to reflect. This way, your VISION will probably be as sharp as can be. Everyone requires a Vision — that vivid mental image of what you’d love to Be, Do, and Have in existence. Without it, we can’t see which way we’re headed. And the only way to develop it is to pause, reflect, think deep, and look your soul.

*The Love of Having*

Perhaps you have heard of Retail Therapy? Ladies love it. It is the idea that you can go shopping, buy something you like, and it’ll cause you to feel great about yourself. From the Be-Do-Have version, purchasing things is clearly in the HAVING phase. People subconsciously believe that having more stuff, will make them become who they want to be (Have>>Be). Nevertheless, the sad part is, only the reverse is true. Being who you need to be, will lead you to get what such a person has (Be>>Do>>Have).

A lot of people are using the Retail Therapy version to feel successful. They scamper to earn as much cash as they can, then they splurge it on a lavish lifestyle — quick auto, high-class dining, lavish apartment, hot nightspots, and exotic traveling. All these luxuries and status symbols are supposed to aid them BE someone… But unless they already know who they are on the interior, they frequently wind up being nobody. Luxury rich, but cash poor. These people have spent all their money on the toys. They will never become wealthy because they have none left over to invest. We are all aware that you MUST use the money you accumulate to buy assets which produce residual income if you’re EVER going to achieve wealth and financial freedom.

As we hurry through our daily life, earning money and spending lavishly, in a hurry to become prosperous, maybe we could realize that all it takes… is 1 diagnosis of a critical illness, one lawsuit that bankrupts you, or the passing of a loved one, to change your values in life. Unexpectedly the stuff you have isn’t significant anymore… You’d gladly give it all off to return your health, to shield your family, or to discuss more time with your loved ones.

All a dying man wants is to be well again. All a displaced man needs is good food and a warm place to sleep at nighttime. And all a grieving man needs would be to have spent more time with his loved ones. Slow down, pause, and reflect. Figure out what’s important to you in life. Then spend more time doing what’s important, as opposed to after the masses — being occupied every day; following an amazing shopping list of exactly what is necessary to be successful. Recall… better to walk slowly in the right way, than to dash madly all over the place.

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