How much is Doctor’s Income in Indonesia?

The more vocal issue will be the increase in fuel oil prices, of course, almost all people began to think about the impact of rising fuel prices on family economic conditions. A colleague of physicians yesterday complained, fuel prices rose, inflation rocketed, consequently the purchasing power of the people down, as long as health services in Indonesia are still pay for service, automatic opinion of doctors will also be reduced.

so the question isĀ How much is Doctor’s Income in Indonesia?

Indeed, the income of doctors in Indonesia varies greatly, from below expectations until there is far above expectations. Let’s take a look at some of the doctors’ income groups.

The first group, doctors as civil servants, usually this type of doctors every working day and working hours, served in government institutions. His salary is the same as other civil servants according to his class plus a functional allowance much lower than the teacher’s functional allowance. Additional income from government institutions as physician functional personnel is usually in the form of medical services, do not mistake, medical services obtained equal to what is paid by the patient, 40% of consultation rate or action alone is a rare item, at most only 25% It is sometimes not timely, the amount of medical services is in accordance with the number of patients served. Outside of working hours, civil servants can practice in two other places.

After discussing the doctor of civil servants, let’s see how the income of private doctors, income in the private sector should be greater than in government institutions, the reality is uncertain, there are still clinics that pay Rp.3000 per patient, and there are still general practitioners Who can only ask for a fee of Rp.15.000, – from patients when this is a private practice that still have to spend on operational costs. Maybe if later the National Social Security System has been running, there will be a standard income doctor, so there is no longer a doctor whose welfare is just enough to meet the daily needs, without having the cost to improve knowledge and pengetahuaannya.


People often see doctors’ profiles with great well-being, but that can only be achieved by senior doctors who are already head of five, with such a high level of education, working hours almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and very good fortune . Gynecologist and Obstetricians, surgeons do have the opportunity to get good welfare, according to the risk of malpractice demands. People love to claim material compensation above one billion rupiah, but to get that much material, many doctors can not achieve it.

Seeing a senior doctor, get Rp. 250.000, – from each patient who came to his private practice, whereas the number of patients can be up to 30, not to mention the income from his actions, it is the parents who do not want his son to be a doctor, regardless of how the doctor struggles to the present level.

Being a doctor is a humanitarian profession, so doctors are often considered not entitled to fight for his welfare, regardless of the income received doctors must iklash provide devotion to the community.

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