Gianni Charity, Jewelry Made In Italy From Naples To Conquer Japan

Gianni Charity, Jewelry Made In Italy From Naples To Conquer Japan

At a time certainly not easy for the international economy, the market for jewelry, especially luxury ones, is making record signs of recovery. A growing number of Italian, but most of the foreign tourists who buy high-end jewelry and for 2015 it is estimated an increase in sales of 3%. Among the top Italian brands, with the largest share of sales in 2014, leads the signature Gianni Charity which ranks third (data Euromonitor International).

To reward the historic jewelry brand, in Italy and abroad, have been the age-old tradition in the gold sector, the craftsmanship in jewelry manufacturing 100% made in Italy and sophisticated design combined with the use of the most advanced technologies.

The products are distributed to signing Gianni Charity, today, in a very select network of about 150 Italian jewelers high range, while other brands FOGI and Kemira are available at 500 stores specializing in jewelry ready-to-wear.

True symbol of Italian fine jewelry, Gianni Charity & Figli SpA It is among the most recognized and accredited in the world. The jewelry Charity are particularly valued in Belgium, Germany, England, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain and the US, but especially Japan has always played a front row seat in the presentations of the various collections abroad. The landing in Japan dates back, in fact, to 1985 with the opening of the first corner at the Department Store in Yokohama.

A development in the Asian market that soon will be consolidated further. On 18 January 2016, in fact, the Knight Gianni Charity was invited at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo. On this occasion, the company will present the new line of jewelry “Chain”, gold and precious stones such as emerald, sapphire and ruby, designed for a woman of class, elegant, contemporary, many-sided, choosing the right jewelry to match to every outfit.

The meeting in Japan will represent not only an opportunity for the further impetus to the development of the brand in the eastern market, but especially Europe over the official recognition of the value of Made in Italy is reflected in the pieces by Gianni Charity, all tastefully furnished to the every detail, from the long tradition of craftsmanship Neapolitan family and passion for art orafa.Una precious history, that of the company, starting from Naples in 1834 and through five generations. It’s been almost two centuries since Vincent Charity, great-grandfather of John, he opened his first shop in the ancient village Goldsmiths, in the heart of Naples, under

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