First An Awkward Bathroom And Out Of Fashion

First An Awkward Bathroom And Out Of Fashion

The bathroom was formerly a narrow space with an old sink and toilet located under the table top … which inconvenience and that arrangement! The tank, however, lay locked in a corner. Next to the mirror, finally, in an uncomfortable position, there was a small closet where they were crammed towels.


Before banality and boredom

Well, here’s how boring were the kitchen and the dining room. The latter, despite a rather simple look, he could not embellish in any way the tightest corners How can we ascertain, instill the space was not a little, and moreover was offering an important working material for designers … I wonder what has changed.

After practicality and ingenuity

The introduction of a new distribution and of certain closing items, has made this an elegant and modern environment. The dining room was covered with a light laminate of the same color of the floor, while the walls accent gray looks great with wooden fixtures. The board was cumbersome and is thus been replaced by a long bench that will serve the new dining table, more streamlined and modern. Besides the new partition, instead, you can see the gray outlines of the kitchen peeping from largemouth combining environments.

First an environment out of date and confusing

The living room perhaps once could also appear as elegant and chic, but the leather sofa now sports a rather tired and out of date, while White Cupboard appears outdated and mortified. In addition, the arrangement of the elements on the walls appear chaotic and disorganized … in short, a small disaster of trivia!

After a renaissance in white

The wooden floor has been replaced by an elegant laminate, while a square white lamp is housed where previously resided the old fan and the four white neon. The belief has been eliminated and in its place now develops a large wooden shelving, wooden and elegant, covering the entire wall. The shelf and the floor have more or less the same shade as a tint of a darker gray characterizes the opposite wall. Also, look at now the natural light from the window Who would have imagined that this opening went from wall to wall


After Welcome modernity!

WOW, and what a transformation! Smothered by a suffocating space, small and out of fashion, now it was possible to obtain a bath decidedly more chic, clean and pleasant. The stone floor and the gray marble make it shine the room while the elegant fixtures and mirrored wardrobe make everything look the larger space. The final look is due to the shower, a completely fresh and transparent element … Goodbye old and uncomfortable tub! Welcome modernity!

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