Fear Of The Dark, The Advice To Help Children To Overcome

Fear Of The Dark, The Advice To Help Children To Overcome

The advice to better manage the fear of the dark how to help children to overcome it and what are the little mistakes that parents often unwittingly commit

Fear of the dark is very common especially in certain growth stages and often is linked to unpleasant incidents. In any case, whatever the cause, we must help small to overcome it in the best way, so that this phase lasts as little as possible. So here is some practical advice to help children overcome the fear of the dark.
How to manage the fear of the dark

Very often this fear takes over the stage when children begin to sleep alone in their room, away from their parents. The best way to avoid the fear of the dark to become a real phobia is keep him company in bed. Do not send the child to bed alone ??remain a few minutes with him even if reading a story or watching a cartoon together. Let them turned on a small night light and wait, at least initially, she sleeps, so he can get used to this new condition gradually.

Share with their fears and bad dreams. Telling a bad dream talk and laugh at these fears will help him to overcome fear but especially to realize that it is not a real thing, that there are no ghosts or monsters under the bed. But above all, do not let them to miss the pampering, not in these critical times!
The mistakes to avoid

Do not be hasty are steps that require patience and time. Fear of the dark is not something that passes quickly and usually characterizes the lives of children for a long enough time frame. Consider that tends to appear between the two and six years old and which does not last or a few weeks or a few months, usually has a fairly long course. But rest assured growing up is exceeded, so you have to help your children to manage it in the best way.

Do not force children to stay in the dark. They are not addressed in this way the fears they are too small and are likely to exaggerate even more a small passenger fear. Not ridiculed their fears, so avoid to remind him that it’s too grown up to be afraid of the dark or black man. In this way you risk getting the opposite effect, the child continues to be afraid but that you also quit with you.

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