Environmentally friendly solar devices from Alta

With the rise of the various systems and programs that are more environmentally friendly, Alta Devices will provide technical details that are environmentally friendly by providing a record efficiency solar cell. And this step, toward making solar cheaper than fossil fuels.

At the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in Seattle, Silicon Valley Executives of the company will present papers on technical on how he has set a new mark in converting sunlight into electricity. Which must has gone through the series of tests to get best results and maximum.

In the tests already conducted, there is the result of efficiency reached 27.6 percent last year and then reached 28.2 percent efficiency, according to company information. Both results are verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and more than 1 point higher than the previous record for efficiency of single-junction solar cell.

Solar cell material company is working with gallium arsenide (GaAs), the type often used in high-performance solar devices with multiple layers of semiconductors, such as those used on satellites or concentrating photovoltaic generator.

A professor at the University of California at Berkeley, who is also the founder of Alta Devices, Eli Yablonovitch, the more stressed by saying that the solar cell itself can emit light itself, and that light capture is a previously untapped method to improve its performance. “It was not recognized that in order to maximize the voltage (to improve the current solar cells), we need materials to produce more photons in the solar cell. Counter-intuitive, efficient light emission is the key to this high efficiency,”

Another in a statement also mentioned that the company will also minimize the amount of gallium arsenide are expensive to reduce costs. For it, the bottom layer of solar cells will be created from an array of “microwire” embedded in another material and then made ‚Äč‚Äčthinner by a simple process.

With the solar device is expected to push the boundaries of the solar cell efficiency, the broader and more and more utilized.

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