Corvette ZR1 2017 Price and Release Date

Corvette ZR1 2017 is the latest car manufactured by Chevrolet. This automaker is well known for its capability of producing stylish sport cars. The cars are not only having eye catching design, but also powerful engine under the hood. Even though the car has not released yet, the specification of this car is already spreading to the public. Some of the specifications are released through official announcement. Meanwhile, automobile enthusiast gathers some of them.

After completing the designing and assembly, the car is ready to test. During the test, some of the automobile enthusiasts have successfully managed to capture spy shot. From the spy shot, you can see how attractive the body of the car is. Here is complete review of its specification.

Marvelous Specification and Design of Corvette ZR1 2017

Corvette ZR1 2017 price specs review

After announced by Chevrolet, public are looking forward to see the final appearance of Corvette ZR1 2017. The car is nicknamed as stingray for a good reason. It has sleek design with lowered front fascia. The front sides are curving up elegantly to accommodate headlamps and front wheel. The front grille is located on the bumper. It is narrow and ornamented with single straight line.

Even though the spy shot does not reveal the interior of Corvette ZR1 2017 completely, automobile enthusiasts start to speculate about its interior. Since leading automobile company manufactures this sport car, you can expect that the interior is luxurious. Given the dimension of the body, the cabin space might be limited. Fortunately, Chevrolet promises great features that will be equipped inside the car.

Eye-catching body and luxurious interior is not enough to engage customer attentions. Therefore, it has powerful engine specification. The 6.2 liter of V8 engine allows the car to accelerate up to 175. This top speed is achieved since the engine is able to give power output up to 460 horsepower. Fast cars normally need plenty of fuel. The smart engine configuration of this car allows it to conserve more fuel when accelerating. In order to give easy handling, the engine comes with automatic transmission system. This transmission system has eight level of speed.

So far, Chevrolet has not announced when the car will be ready in the market. Given the condition of global market lately, automobile enthusiasts speculate that it will be available before 2017 ends. As for the price, the automaker publish that the MSRP for Corvette Zora ZR1 2017 price starts at $54,445.

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