Comparison of Salary Doctors Worldwide and Indonesia

In developed countries like the United States, being a doctor is not only a pride but also a promising profession. No wonder if there, doctors actually become one of the professions that have the highest salaries.

Seeing medical school is so expensive and their work system that helps every family, doctors are often regarded as noble but rarely appreciated.

Curious about the doctors’ rewards, compares the salaries of doctors around the world with Indonesia as quoted Healthcare-salaries, Thursday (16/10/2014) the following:

1. US

Apparently doctors in America have the highest salaries among other countries in the world. The average salary for general practitioners only reaches 186,044 dollars or about Rp 2.2 (exchange rate: Rp 12 thousand) billion per year. As for the salary of specialists 339,738 dollars or about Rp 4.1 billion per year. Total salary can also be higher if doctors practice in private hospitals.

2. English

In the UK, the average family doctor’s salary 75,500 pounds sterling or about Rp 1.4 billion per year. Interestingly, in addition to the salaries calculated per hour in general, the salary is also calculated based on age. The older a doctor for example 40-50 years of wages can reach Rp 1 trillion


3. India

Not to be missed as in Western countries, Asia has India who dare to give high salaries to his doctors. Payscale noted, the average salary of Indian doctors reached 424,999 rupees or about Rp 84 million per year. Interestingly in India, the salary does not include commissions and bonuses from various fields. In addition experience and age also affect salary.

4. Japan

Almost the same as in Western countries, Japan also pays the world standard doctor or 761,000 yen or about Rp 87 million per year. But considering the cost of living in Japan is high, the cost of these doctors is still fairly low because they work 40 hours a week.

China & Indonesia

5. China

Unlike other countries, in China the average salary seornag doctors only 3,000 yuan or about Rp 5.9 million per month. But if it is experienced, doctors can be paid up to 10,000 Yuan or about Rp 19 million per month.

6. Indonesia

How in the country? PayScale noted, the average salary of doctors in Indonesia is still relatively low at Rp 58 million per year. When calculated, the doctor’s salary per month is only Rp 4.8 million. Member IDI Professor Zubairi Djoerban even once said, the new doctor is only paid Rp 2 million to Rp 3 million rupiah per month.

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