‘Classroom of the Elite’ is not For Everyone

Today, it’s not a secret that the Japanese people enjoy their high school anime. This is quite simply seen in the fact that every season, greater than 40% of the anime ten to be related to high school story. This is at the same time a undeniable fact that school genre has been one of the most clichéd. Hwoever it is also the case that every so often, we do get shows that have something intriguing and serves as a appealing and luckily more than enough for us, this anime too falls inside later class.

Classroom of the Elite

The Classroom of the Elite is an anime created by studio Lerche and is based on the light novel series of the same name. In the beginning, this anime had the same vibe of Oregairu, with a loner main character and an antisocial heroine, however, as the story moves along, one will know that the anime can be masterfully covering its true colors and is fairly dark and has a lot of hidden themes and distinctive characters which makes it completely different that most other anime. Moreover the anime masterfully altogether shatters the concept of the normal schooling system seen in all kinds of other high school shows, and anime an absolutely new system where rather than grades, you must have other abilities to survive and also how you have to play nasty with others to attain to the top. It’s some sort of manifestation of the real face of current society. More information, you can visit anime review latest site that we recommend for you!

Just like what I said, the characters here are really the important thing portion of the show and some of them have several facets. A lot of characters look to have a numerous personality than what they express to everyone. The male main character at first glance may seem to be a standard guy with standard grades and he fails to stand out much. But watching the show can certainly make that there is even more to him than meets the eyes. He’s really strong, both physically and academically and carries a dark past but he attempts to cover all of his abilities so as to not stand out and has a peaceful life. Horikita, the female protagonist carries an even more linear character. She doesn’t have friends and neither is keen on having one. She’s at the same time determined to obtain promote to class A, though she has noticed that it would be extremely hard without main male protagonist’s help. The supporting characters likewise have really unique personalities and no two people have exact same characters. Like Kushida, who is very much friendly and kind, really carries a really dark and sadistic personality which a few know. The characters at this point depict the dual faced nature of the modern culture and how people misguide other for their own benefits. For instance, the main male character Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, undoubtedly symbolizes the kind of people who use others as tools and manipulate them.

The anime is furthermore even more of a distinctive take on the genre and the system of schools and it also goes over several dark themes, like discrimination along with inequality in the modern culture and also things like social power structure which is a few anime, certainly ones like this include. Multiple characters also depict different kinds of people and personalities in the modern culture. The pace of advancement of the plot is considerably irregular as the things were going really smoothly during the first half, the anime appeared to have slowed down a tad with small exciting or major events. The order of the events pace of character progress and also character connections had been improved and were truly different from the source material. The sound of the anime is wonderful. The opening theme is actually well done and it brings about a hype for the episode and the ending can be nice and slow paced which smoothly ends the whole episode. The animation is also really excellent and the art style is wonderful.

The D class is filled with characters with excellent potential but still tossed in trash because of their defectiveness. Almost everyone contains a several portion of defect which holds them from obtaining a better class. They are proven to have a normal face on the surface, but deep inside some of them possess a twisted identity which they tend not to want anyone to learn, Ayanokoji as an example, maybe has the most twisted character as he views people as tools and is able to sacrifice all sorts of things for his gain, and is great at manipulating others. People like Hirata and Kushida likewise have some sort of dark character which is hardly ever seen and is not known by anyone.

One of many major good points is the treatment of the characters. This anime really treats the character properly and they also have several amount of feeling in them, which is sad to say not seen in most other anime. On several instances we can find out people really putting their own brains to analyze the circumstances and not just go the flow, and this really stops several moments from being clichés. Best example is when Ayanokoji was asked to pretend to become Ichinose’s boyfriend. The one significant problem is that there are a lot of characters and most focus is inclined to only some ones and others aren’t given plenty of time, so all this stops many of them to get the screen time they ought to get. But there are many ones who easily seen my eyes, without even having been shown again. Also the anime still has several plot holes and mysteries and there’s a number of potential for a season 2 or even 3, however we can’t truly make certain about such things.

Overall, this anime isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of like me who would love but also this new idea is not suited for everyone. For me this anime feels fresh and looks like different from the vast majority of other high school setting. The characters can be really significant and the story can be adequate to keep the watchers engaged. All characters are outstanding and appealing, especially the main male character. The anime also goes over several themes about the modern culture and shows the dual faced nature of the persons. And for you who’re not troubled by the feel of anime, all of these things mixed together results in a superb 12 episodes watch, and gives you hunger for even more.

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