BMW Z4 Car Price Latest

BMW Z4 is one among vehicle manufacturers Germany are much in demand by the people of Indonesia, especially and also in all the world. This elegant vehicle that is the first sports type car made by BMW that has a roof design that can be folded and is in tune with the car body.

Cars BMW Z4

BMW M5 2017, The specificity of this feature is similar to the design of BMW cars else the Z8. To open them, just choke knob. As well as the time required to open the roof is only 19 seconds. In the state of the roof is open, BWM Z4 car can drive up to a speed of 40 km / h.

When seen from this elegant car body, it appears that the car was many curves that reinforce the sporty impression. As well as in the headlights, this elegant sports car to bring LED lights corona rings. The more interesting of these cars are on the grille and bumper. Grille and the bumper has a design that makes this car more elegant impression and has their own appeal.

For the engine, this elegant car with the engine using power 2,500cc 4V with a 6-cylinder, supported also by the maximum power of 150 kW at 6400 rpm with a maximum torque of 250 Nm at 2750 rpm. For transmission, this car wears transimisi system with 7-speed automatic paired with two double clutch.

For terms of safety, this series BMW was not cared for safety ingindaranya. With dynamic steering wheel, the ride comfort is also so. Beyond that there is also a DSC, the existing SRS air bag on his head and there is also a section of the chest cavity, iDrive, and do not forget there is a seatbelt or a seat belt.

For the safety of the tires, you need not fear. Because the tires used had fulfilled a good standard. BMW Z4 car uses car tires with a high technology that continues to be used despite the insistence airing. As well as the price of a BMW Z4 is in bandrol worth USD 1.3985 billion.

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