Between White And Modernity A Fabulous Apartment

Between White And Modernity A Fabulous Apartment

That our house is large and spacious or small and contained, you can see that some circles are now dark and suffocating. Most often this is due to poor allocation of space, sometimes with the improper use of colors, still others to the wrong use of the furniture. What to do then Before thinking about the move, try to pinpoint the cause of the problem so as to intervene in the most correct way.

Today we present a project born from these requirements. We are in Rome, and the intervention by the architects of the EF Archidesign study, it cost € 70,000.00 well.

A welcoming entrance

Here we are at the entrance of the apartment. Before the arrival of our experts, despite the available space, the environment was rather closed and oppressive, a real shame. The intervention was aimed at giving the environment air and light, and this has been possible thanks to the opening of windows at specific points, the inclusion of bright spots in the darkest corners of the house, and the expansion of the green view surrounding.

the lounge

The living area now shows open and airy. The white walls expands the space and makes it light and airy. I love the contrast of white with the warm color of parquet. In this way, the house buys immediately character and hospitality! The decor then, is reduced to a minimum, so as to leave the passage space.

The rear facade

The first thing that stands out is the covered veranda, where garden furniture and a hammock hung, while upstairs, the professionals in charge have designed a large open terrace, covered with a wooden pergola.

A shelf with stone slabs

In this we see a shelf marked by stone slabs, with two high stools for sitting comfortably. There are a variety of materials in this composition the stone slabs, the wood in the structure and in the stools, steel, used for hanging lamps through a tube from a circular geometry. The floor is ceramic tile.

This is an ideal space to live and enjoy pleasant moments.


The kitchen

An opening of the door without, from the living room gives access to the kitchen. White also reigns in this space, as well as the organization. There are several pieces of furniture that make up the kitchen, both bases and columns, characterized by an elegant and refined style, sometimes semi-rustic, yet profoundly modern. White fact alternate steel elements, such as the hood, the para splashes, the backrest of the chair and the foot of the table.

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