Best Arena 1 Deck – Clash Royale

Best Arena 1 Deck – It’s easy to grind the ladder with this deck. In addition, it’s well adjusted and works with the current meta, if you play them correctly!Deck:Giant – Needless to say main tank of the deck.

arena 1 deck

In the event that you have it within the orifice put after that constantly spawn it behind the master tower so once it hits near the edge of your part it is possible to come with it with 2-3 cards whilst still being have some extra elixir. Mostly to be used for siege, can be used to stall the game if you have secured a tower and messed up resulting in a big enemy horde.Archer – It’s the only effective ranged card we had in the start. We think Spear Goblins has very low health can be killed easily.Skeleton Army – We use this card to hold up enemy units and kill their tanks. If the enemy absences good area dealer you can take down towers very easily.Goblin – We use these little trolls to disturb enemy units. Musketeer – I won’t call-it the main damage dealership regarding the deck, you would generally want this card to be involved in the siege. Has solid dps to take down their towers and can one shot minions and goblins. Excellent counter to baby dragon even if the baby dragon focuses it, musketeer will come on top.Baby Dragon – There is not to say about this card, you should include it in your siege its area damage and speed will always be helpful.Arrows – A pretty solid pickup, if you are fighting on the other side then you need some spell like this also so that the enemy doesn’t pull a fast one with a goblin barrel or rip your push with well timed minions/horde/army.Fireball – Taking down important targets, also works fine against Barbarians.Strategy:This deck relies on good elixir efficiency. Try to defend enemy pushes with as little elixir cost as possible and then when you are ready start a great counter attack.Usually at the start of the match you should wait for the enemy to make a move. If the elixir club is full, instantly spawn a harm dealing product like Musketeer, Baby Dragon or monster behind your middle crown tower and obtain prepared for an attack. You can combine it with other cards when it’s about to reach the river. This will create you like 15 elixir push wave that is not easy to take down.Even though first levels are fairly easy, you should regularly keep track on enemy cards and know his weakness. Does not they have AoE dealer? You can use Skeleton Army aggressively! Do they have Hog/Prince? You should save your Goblins/Skeleton Army.

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