Benefits of Storing Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Doctors recommend cord blood banks to expectant parents. And they have a range of reasons for doing so. To start with, when you have some family history of diseases, cord or blood can give you a future that is safer. Umbilical cord blood is the origin of stem cells, that are unique in many ways from the other type of cord or stem cells. They have a lower risk of contamination and proliferation ability apart from having the capability to differentiate into various types of cells. As soon as you store your child’s umbilical cord blood, the stem cells will likely be accessible to you in the future you may need them. There’ll be no dependency on finding a donor for the transplant.

Here are some facts which Can Help You make an Educated choice if You’re still believing:

Cord blood can cure over 80+ ailments and ailments: Cord blood has opened a brand new escape in personalized medicine. Cord blood stem cells have cured 80 diseases including kinds of cancer. These stem cells may cure metabolic disorders, immune disorders and blood disorders.

For this reason, doctors and investigators consider this therapy as the upcoming big thing in the future of science. Among the sources of stem cells, the blood contains and from umbilical cord would be the most abundant source.

Cord or placental blood stem cells are ageless and can easily be accessible once you store them: Once these cells in umbilical cord are preserved, processed and stored, they permanently keep their agelessness. The cord blood stem cells are microscopic, so they are less likely to attack the patients’ immune system. These cells remain in the condition for several years, so if any of your relatives or you need them they’ll be instantly available. And you will not need to wait for an unrelated donor that is matching.

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Several clinical trials are underway to find remedy to new diseases: Aside from these 80 ailments, mentioned earlier, many clinical trials are going on to see how impactful those stem cells are in treating ailments like hearing loss, heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, atherosclerosis, burn injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, lung problems, liver problems, bone trauma, spinal cord injuries etc.. Trials have shown results already and it’s not a dream that scientists are going to be able to treat these diseases and ailments.

Therefore, if you invest in storing your newborn’s umbilical cord or placental blood now, it might not only save your child out of future ailments, but also secure the future of your family and ensure your peace of mind. Decide wisely.

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