Before Accident Still Want to Live Facebook, Account TKW Medan Died in Malaysia Flood Speech Grief

The tragedy of the deadly accident at Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia, October 24, 2017, still leaves the grief for the families of the victims.

A total of 7 Indonesian migrant workers were declared dead in the accident.

Quoted Grid.ID of the Online Messenger, seven bodies planned to be flown to the home of each victim to be buried.

Reported by Utusan, 4 bodies were escorted to Medan, then 3 others flown to Aceh, East Java and Central Java.

The atmosphere of compassion locked up the Unit of Forensic Unit HSJ Hospital, when the fellow workers and TKW before the corpse was escorted to the airport.

The names of the victims were Tumangger Resni (21), Yeni (20), Point Katinengsih (23), Serlia (21), Sartika Pasaribu (19), Wami Windasih (19), and Faridah (19).

Netizen was getting to see Facebook account one of the victims from Medan, namely Sartika Serlyana Pasaribu.

A few hours before the accident, Sartika still had time to upload live video on Facebook.

He seemed a little vent, which is like a spirit of lunch.

“The lunch is just porridge that goes .. huhuh,” wrote Sartika, while embedding emoticons face sad.

The post was uploaded at 11:08 local time.

The next day, Sartika was a death accident.

In the morning, Sartika had uploaded a photo of her self.

He also wrote his spirit to welcome the day:

“Met morning, met activity, spirit, spirit,” Sartika wrote.

Unexpectedly, Sartika photos in this status became his last photograph.

FB Sartika’s account is full of condolences from friends and relatives.

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