Alishan Sacred Tree

The Alishan Sacred Tree is a standout amongst the most striking Alishan attractions. The tree is situated at the Sacred Tree (Shenmu) Railway Station with a rise more than 2000 meters above ocean level. The Sacred Tree is known as Shenmu in Mandarin with an age more than 3,000 years. This mammoth tree and many more youthful ages of monster trees are one of the best five Alishan must-see views alongside dawn, nightfall, backwoods railroad, and ocean of mists. See this for get the best ticket price go to taiwan

The sacrosanct tree is a red cypress which has been protected by the Tsou for ages, and later broadly known amid the Japanese pioneer time frame in 1945. The tree is the tallest and the most forcing one in Taiwan with a stature of 53 meters, a trunk of 4.66 meters in breadth, and a periphery of 23 meters. The sacrosanct tree was life and ready to withstand tropical storms and tremors throughout the years. Nonetheless, it was struck by lightning and consumed within in 1956. The Forestry Bureau chose to cut and lay the monster tree in 1998 because of its inclination in 1997. These days, guests may see a structure worked close by of the consecrated tree.

Numerous Alishan climbing trails will convey you to the Alishan Sacred Tree. Appreciate a sound ranger service travel climbing the consecrated tree board, more than 36 noted monster trees can be seen. The vast majority of them are more than 1000 or 2000 years of age. Enjoy a fascinating Alishan travel investigating the age of every monster tree!

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