A little about Trojan

If you are someone who is accustomed to a laptop or pc, of course you already know that the Trojan is one of the most famous bully pc. Even the argue that the Trojan is a virus, although it is not entirely correct opinion. Because actually, the Trojan is a malicious software / malware that can damage a system or network. And evil, the Trojan can be installed in a place that has become a target.

Trojans are divided into several types. Thieves can search for passwords stored in the operating system, keystroke logger / keylogger that monitors everything typed by the user and will send it to the attacker, Remote Administration Tools / RAT that allow the attackers to take over full control of the system and do anything they want from a distance like formatting the hard disk, or Trojan DDoS Zombie Trojans are commonly used to make the infected system in order to perform a distributed denial of service attacks against target hosts, and Trojan viruses. Each of the Trojan has specialized in the field. Even, Denial of Service attack. A DoS attack is when a lot of malicious attacks a particular network computer or website. Networks have been so many requests that could not be overcome, so it should be closed. The criminals then extort the owner (“We’ll let you have your site back if you give us money.”) Many gambling sites have been hit by this type of attack.

If you have the unpatched Windows operating sytems (XP, ME, w98, etc.) are allowed on the internet, then you have a very high chance of becoming infected. Because the Trojan is often infiltrate through the internet, which is the easiest access to commit crimes in cyberspace. unfortunately, not only that that can be done by a Trojan, but also through email attachments, software / music downloads, Instant Mesaage insecure clients, IRC, Peer 2 peer downloading, open ports are not protected by a firewall.

If you use an antivirus to protect your laptop and pc, do not feel calm down. Because the antivirus can not fully dispel the Trojan. Even if you use a reputable antivirus. But at least you can be a bit protected.

But there is the most powerful way to deal with a Trojan virus. It is by using a specialized scanner. There is a free online Trojan scan that you can do in various webs that provide it.

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