8 Ways to Decorate a Narrow Bedroom

How to decorate a room with thrift is becoming a trend nowadays. You can use items that are not used but still good for  Bedroom Design. bedroom sets Quite save costs, is not it? Although it requires more time and effort, the benefits you can hone creativity and make it as a business opportunity in the future.


Wall Decoration From Consignment to the design of the bedroom, not merely a negative connotation. There are many disposable items with the still good condition. Let’s say a plastic plate glass spoon, jam bottles, cosmetic containers, and so forth. Just like choosing a home that requires foresight, you must know in advance the home buying tips used and new.  You also need to be observant and creative in how to decorate a room. By utilizing a good used items and multifunctional, you can easily set up and managing the home.

Here we summarize 8 ways to decorate the bedroom of thrift is still used to inspire your creative ideas for  Bedroom Interior Design is unique and interesting.

  1. Wallpaper of old sheets

How to decorate a bedroom with  How to Make a Wall Hanging is the most common with wallpaper. You need to know first the advantages and disadvantages of using wallpaper wall, before deciding. There Ways Room Decorating and  Tips for Choosing Bedroom Wallpaper For most precise, inexpensive and easy to take advantage of wallpaper from old sheets. It is very well suited for  Bedroom Design Minimalist. You can also decorate  Design Master Bedroom as we described above.

First of all the old iron sheets until no visible creases. Then the wall with a brush put glue on the back of the sheets, starting from the top of the first. Slowly stick the tip sheets on the upper wall. Enlist the help of an again for attaching the end of the other side of the sheets together, so that the result is tidy. Little by little, the walls thoroughly put glue on the back of the sheets and glue thoroughly and neatly so that there were no air bubbles trapped inside.

  1. Points comb and pencil on books

How to decorate the second bedroom was Decorating with container adds a unique comb on your dressing table. Text books that you no longer use can be used as a unique cosmetic container patterned text line.

Previously you need to tear out cover books to color and pattern matching. Then make these books are tubular. Next, merge the five tubes of the book together and glue with strong glue. Cover the base with cover books or strong cardboard. Be container comb gorgeous.

These containers can also be used as a pencil holder. Put on the desks of your children. Their room will look more attractive.

  1. The curtains on the CD

How to decorate the room with the curtains third CD. Take advantage of old CDs and DVDs that are not used to be worth more. Quite easy you apply.

First of all, the front side CD Cover with colored paper or patterned paper you like. Then, once lah CDs and DVDs with strong nylon thread that are not easily separated. Create some concern equally long for the room or window blinds you. Can also make long-ocean different variations. Then plug in the door and window frames.

Before installing the DVD CD curtain, window and door frames check you are still strong termite free.

Having unused folding chairs could be one way to decorate the room with the clothes rack at once bookshelf that looks unique and creative. It is very easy, no need to cut and reshape your folding chair. Just need to clean and paint the folding chair if it faded. Further pairs of steel spikes on the walls of your room to hang the back of a chair on the bedroom wall. Already so, bookcases and bookshelves clothes hanging high artfully your work.

Do not forget to adjust the color of a folding chair with your bedroom wall to make it look harmonious. Or maybe you could also compose all of your wall colors with a new one when it is visible peeling wall of your room.

  1. Lights from a plastic spoon

Many belts that are not used anymore? Well, the former belt is a good solution how to decorate a room with a bookcase of belt marks. You only have to perform three steps as follows:

First, attach the strong iron as anchoring belts. Second, install two belts at the same size on a metal hanger. Third, put the books on the belt. How to decorate a multifunctional room, is not it?

For the hobbyist read a book before bed, you can put a bookcase of this former belt next to your bed (See also: How to Conserve Electricity in Everyday Life,  Tips to Make Modest Home and Unique)

  1. Dressing bench of stacks of magazines

Still, has plenty of unused old magazines? You can use as your dressing table stool. This is how to decorate a room with sweet enough. Quite easy.

First of all, great stacks of the same magazine and size so one as high as 50 centimeters. Next, add the bearings at the top to comfortably sit. As for the bottom of the bench to prepare a wooden board. Tie both ends respectively with a belt unused so neatly. Wood’s last four pairs of legs of a stool. You can order a wooden leg on a carpenter for the unique variations or create your own.

Such homemade bench than as a solution how to decorate with unique used items, you can also make the bench in the living room. Especially for  Design Minimalist Living Room is unique and interesting.

8. Hanging wall of newspaper

How to Make Paper Wall Decoration From this one does not need to be expensive, just set up newspaper. You can paint the newspaper with your favorite colors pilots appropriate. After drying for a pattern and cut as desired, eg drawing the world map. Or forest trees silhouette. Then paste the image of an old newspaper on the bedroom wall.

Before sticking accessories decoration on the wall, you need to pay attention to your wall. When there are already starting to peel because of damp walls, beware of any leakage in the roof. You need to immediately find a solution Leaking Roofs Home and How to Prevention.

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