5 Tips on Choosing the Right Gadget Appropriate Funds and Needs

I had the controversy. The controversy is not out of hugecompare.com love but the controversy because I confused when I have money, I have to buy what?

If my money enough, perhaps I’ll buy a lot of stuff. But it was only fitting, my money to buy a gadget.

That time I need laptop laptop specs but it turns out that I need the price is quite high. Buying second-hand is not a option for me.

Seeing as I am also in need of a smartphone, finally I prefer smartphones first. Not a smart phone that is too expensive but pretty reliable when I stroll or have a blog activity.

Why didn’t I buy smarpthone? The answer to your needs. I put off buying laptops because the computers that I use are also still quite capable.

Another reason is because I still often activity in one place. It means that my choice to buy smarpthone first is the right choice.

Can I save money again to buy a laptop. Even if I really need it. bemar

Then, how about you? Do you also just like me? Once the controversy in deciding what the gadget that you want to buy? Now, I have some tips based on what I experienced.

These tips may not apply to all people, especially people who excess funds so as to be able to buy anything. These tips are intended for those with limited funds in the choose gadget as a priority that needs to be purchased.

Following his tips.

1. Buy a Smartphone Capable if you Depend of application!

You may now have a smartphone in your hands. But, you want to replace it with the latest Smartphones because now you use is considered outdated or leletnya for mercy.

Tips from me was soon you buy a smartphone. Need not be expensive like Galaxy S5 or his class. You simply buy a smartphone price of Rp 2 to 4 million.

I suggest you choose a smartphone from Asus (Zenfone 5 or Zenfone2), Xiaomi, or smartphone OnePlus One. Smartphone that I sebuthkan is perfect for those of you who are always dependent applications, including playing games.

The Smartphone is already quite capable if you people who often use many applications. You the workers of social media, blogger, or traveller, choosing a smartphone could be the primary needs first before you buy other gadgets.

It means that, for those of you who love chating, glad to make a video summary, happy photos of food, or people that frequent travelling, then denngan smartphone specifications quite mandatory you have qualified.

2 buy a Tablet if you frequently presentation!

If aktivias you often do a presentation in front of the public, then the best option buy tablet. Buy a tablet with a price range of 2 to 4 million only. If possible, you can actually buy the smartphone price of Rp 2 million and Rp 2 tablets.

Priority to buy this tablet you should do when Your situation is indeed often out. You often presentations with clients. Your marketing employees. Or whoever you are indeed membuthkan these devices for various purposes.

For those of you who love to play games with a wider screen, the tablet is the choice. Just keep in mind, the tablet is not very suitable for you who love to take pictures meningat tablet generally rarely provided qualified camera.

3. Buy a Laptop if you enjoyed working Anywhere!

If You still have the remain smarpthone still well enough to chat, phone, sms, then undo to buy a smartphone.

Choose to buy a laptop with a price range of 3 to 5 million. Laptop with the price is very suitable for You that works anywhere as a writer.

Different story for you that a designer or progammer. You may need a higher specification of the laptop so that the funds needed were in the range of 6-millions.

If your funds are still limited, it doesn’t hurt you to save first and don’t be tempted to buy other gadgets.

4. Buy a Hybrid Device for you with High Mobility!

If Your situation is one who frequently travel, should the presentation, but should also make a report, there is no harm for you to buy a hybrid device or device 2 in 1.

Dated t hybrid currently allows you to change the mode of the laptop and tablet. You can type the report, work on the writing, design, edit the photo using the laptop mode. You can do other activities with a tablet mode.

Of course the option gives hybrid device is better than you are bringing two devices, laptops and tablets.

You also need not fear to question the price of hybrid devices. Some manufacturers presented a hybrid devices ranging from the price of Usd 4 millions. If you need a more powerful tool, choose device Rp 8 million ketas is certainly better.

5. Buy a Smartwatch or Action Camera for your Sporty style!

Currently, the smartwatch and action camera quite inconspicuously. But, that does not mean You need this tool.

Devices like camera or action is the smartwatch device I can say as an action. Devices of this kind should you buy after you have the main gadget.

Furthermore, such gadgets smartwatch and action camera is more suitable for a sporty. They frequently work out necessarily smartwatch may be selected. For who like hiking, surfing, cycling, certainly action camera could be interesting to you dated.

If you rarely travel, have a computer at home also had enough. You do not need to have a second gadget, if your activities are more often at home. A capable smartphone and computer high spec certainly is enough.

For the activity light computing, I advise you to buy a mini computer Intel Compute some sort of Stick, Asus Vivo Mini, and other similar products.

That’s the tip from me to you who want to buy the device as needed. Of course, you can also own improvised as needed. For example when you already have a smarrtphone, there is no harm then you’re saving up to buy another device.

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