5 Health Benefits of Eating Apples Routinely

Many of us underestimate the benefits of apples, because seeing them only from the taste alone without seeing from the health benefits that will be obtained.

What makes us so interested in this apple for health?

5 Health Benefits of Eating Apples Routinely

1. Teeth will be whiter, cleaner and healthier
Indeed apples will not replace the function of a toothbrush. Precisely when you bite and chew the apple then the production of saliva in the mouth will increase. So it breaks down the presence of bacteria in the mouth.

2. Reduce the risk of diabetes
Research proves that women who eat one apple a day 28 percent decrease the likelihood of diabetes than those who do not eat apples. Apple contains fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar.

3. Reduce levels of koleksterol
In the apple contained soluble fiber that works binding fat during the intestine. Of course, long-term effects will lower cholesterol levels.

4. Control weight.
Many people who have problems with weight are usually problematic also with other diseases. Like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure etc. The solution to regulate weight one of them is with a serious diet with fiber foods. One of those fibrous foods is an apple.

5. Avoid cataracts.
A person with a habit of consuming apples with antioxidant content will reduce the possibility of cataracts from 10 to 15%.

6. Make the liver become healthier.
Phenolic compounds found in apple skin will prevent cholesterol from entering and condensing artery walls. Because when the plate is formed in the arteries will reduce blood flow to the heart and will be able to cause coronary artery disease.

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