10 Stays in Minimalist Style to See

10 Stays in Minimalist Style to See

No home environment attracts our attention more than the rest of the stay rustic, minimal, eclectic, classic, this division welcomes our guests and for that it must reflect our way of conceiving the social space, in addition to being aesthetically impeccable and functional. The atmosphere we want to create must be the result of a careful study of space, lighting and colors, and for these reasons we propose a series of pictures that portrays splendid minimalistic stays so that they can inspire and guide you in search of what It is for you. Enjoy the reading!

White and dark touches

Let’s start with an example that proposes the minimalist chromatic contrast to excellence ie that between white and black. White dominates mobile walls and soft and cozy soft sofas, while pillows and other furnishing accessories such as graphite rug are black. The contrast between these two colors creates an extremely modern and elegant environment, exaggerated by a capillary illumination made up of many spotlights scattered on the ceiling. Lightweight and stylish! An idea that will please the little ones!

A marble wall

The second example of accommodation lies at the limit between the minimal style and the classic style. What strikes in the eyes of this proposal is the marble wall that is behind the furniture with the television, a refined idea that adds a touch of elegance, so there is no need for excessive decorations.

Rustic elements
If you love experimentation, do not hesitate to introduce some element in a different style to impress yourself and your guests. In the picture we notice the bottom wall made of stone, rough and natural, recalling the wooden cabin on the left and the nice barrel next to the couch. These style digressions add personality, breaking the monotony. 10 and praise!

Modern and intellectual

The modern style with straight lines and design elements fascinates more and more people thanks to its linearity and strong sense of order that it transmits. The picture above shows us an area of ??intellectual flavor because it is characterized by the strong presence of a library that occupies the entire wall behind the couch. If you want to give dynamism to your stay, a library or a wall is the perfect solution it’s important not to overload them with excessive decorations, but leave as much space as possible in books, collections and magazines.

Color brushes

For this example, our professionals opted for the yellow to create not only a wonderful combination with the gray of the couch and the white of the wall, but also to add an unusual color and effect. A minimal stay that reveals a playful and solar soul.

A manual lighting

The sophistication of neutral shades, the warmth of the parquet and the carefully designed lighting make this stay an example of minimalism and hospitality; Large, stained glass windows allow natural light to penetrate into the space, exalting the quality of the materials and the selected color palette, ranging from the beige of the walls to the cream and gray mouse for the sofas. We also want to emphasize the peculiarity of the ceiling, made by our experts as a kind of grate, in which every space was illuminated creating an excellent effect.

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