10 Benefits of Lime for Beauty

The benefits of lime mask and how to use it to solve facial skin problems. Lime can not only be made as a complement to cooking or used as a cleanser of fat or fishy smell in kitchen equipment such as wok, dishes, bowls and other kitchen utensils.

But you need to know, if the benefits of lime can also be used as a face mask. According to research that has been done by experts, lime has a vitamin C content is very high compared with other types of fruits.

The benefits of lime mask, including:

  1. Can whiten facial skin
  2. Can clean skin dull face
  3. Can soften rough facial skin
  4. Can remove dead skin cells
  5. Can cope with oily skin
  6. Can eliminate acne
  7. Can remove blackheads
  8. Can disguise stains and dark spots
  9. Can eliminate signs of aging
  10. Can tighten facial skin
  11. Can lift the remnants of cosmetics attached

It can neutralize the toxins in the facial skin resulting from the use of cosmetics and many other benefits.

If all my friends have complaints about facial skin problems as I have described above, lime mask is one of the right solutions to solve all these problems.

Here I will explain, how to overcome the problem of facial skin as above by using lime mask:

How To Make Lime Mask

First: How to make and use the mask is:

Prepare 1 fresh lime fruit, then split into 2 parts. After that, rub the lime all over the face and neck skin slowly and evenly. In addition, friends can also squeeze the lemon to the water and apply it to the entire skin and neck by using cotton.

After you finish applying it, then let stand a few moments until spreading of lime mongering.
Next, wipe your face with cold water, then dry with a soft towel. Do this treatment every night before friends go to sleep, friends will see the results in a few days. Facial skin will look cleaner and fresher.

(Stop using in case of irritation, this is because your skin is sensitive, or do the second way below.If still irritation better consult a beauty doctor)

Second: Combine lime with egg whites

This second way is better compared to the above ways to get the benefits of lime. This tip I got from Mas Agus a free herbal medicine expert while he was practicing around in Melong area, South Cimahi.

The way is easy enough to mix 1 piece of lemon juice with egg white (can use chicken eggs, chicken eggs or duck eggs). Stir until well mixed the two ingredients, then apply a mask on the face while fine massages. Let stand for 10 minutes, then wipe with warm water. Do it every day or 3 times a week at night before bed. Feel the benefits!

This treatment is a powerful and efficient and healthy skin, because this way is a natural way that does not contain harmful chemicals and does not cause dependence for its users.

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